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Current Tenants

Move-In To-Do’s

Welcome to your new home!

  1. Set up your utilities account (613-546-0000). Even if you don’t plan to move in on your date of occupancy, you are responsible for the utilities from that date.

    Call ahead! PUC needs a lead-time of 5 business days to hook up an account.

    PUC will send a confirmation email to you, once you receive that email please forward it to [email protected] as proof of your utilities account.
  2. Call Cushman & Wakefield Kingston to confirm my date of arrival.

    Let us know when you expect to move-in to your unit. Give at least one week’s notice to ensure that your unit is clean and prepared and ready for you.
  3. Pick up my keys.

    Keys are ready for pick-up on or after the 1st of the month. Visit the Cushman & Wakefield Kingston office between 9:00am & 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, prior to move-in to receive your new keys. Be sure to set up your move-in inspection.
  4. Choose and set-up my rent payment options.

    Post-dated cheques - Simply deliver post-dated cheques to our office. 
  5. Tenant Insurance

    You must obtain Tenant Insurance in accordance with your Lease and supply us with a copy of your policy by email or drop a copy off in person to office.
  6. Internet/Phone

    Please refer to your Lease or confirm with the office what provider is approved for your building.
  7. Parking

    Please refer to your Lease document to see if a parking spot was included with your unit.  This will vary depending on what building you are located at.
  8. Keep my contact information up-to-date with Cushman & Wakefield Kingston.
  9. It’s important that we are able to reach you.

Vacation To-Do’s:

Away for an extended time or away at the beginning of your lease?

  1. Notify Cushman & Wakefield Kingston that I will be away and leave my emergency contact number.
  2. Ensure someone is watching my unit.
  3. You are responsible for the unit throughout the term of your lease, whether living in the unit or not. If you are away during the summer or winter break, ensure someone visits your unit a few times a week.
  4. Before I leave, pay my rent for the summer months or for the time period I am away.

Renewal To-Do’s

Renewing your lease with Cushman & Wakefield Kingston for another year?  

  1. Give notice to renew or vacate.

    You are required to give a minimum of 60 days notice prior to your move out date.

Move-Out To-Do’s

  1. Book final move-out inspection.

    We need to do a final move-out inspection of your unit with you present. Let us know a week in advance of when you plan to move out so that we can book this appointment with you.
  2. Clean your unit.

    It’s your responsibility to leave your unit in showroom condition. Please ensure that all of your belongings and garbage are removed from your unit upon move-out and that your unit is thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Cancel your utilities.

    Utilities are your responsibility until the last day of your lease and they must be left on and in your name until that date. Call PUC now to book the cancellation of your utilities for the last day of your lease.
  4. Forward your mail.

    For a reasonable fee, you can have Canada Post forward mail in your name to your forwarding address. Be sure to leave Cushman & Wakefield Kingston with your forwarding address so that we can forward any necessary correspondence to you as well.

    We would like to thank-you for your tenancy and wish you luck in your future endeavours.


  1. Put out my garbage.

    Some Cushman & Wakefield Kingston buildings feature garbage rooms or dumpsters for disposing of garbage on an as needed basis. 
  2. Laundry.

    Some tenants have access to exclusive laundry facilities either in your building or in your suite.  

Important Phone Numbers
After Hours – 613-329-4870

Utilities Kingston - 613-546-0000
Kingston Police - 613-549-4660
Hydro One - 1-888-664-9376