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Regional Research

"An analysis of COVID-19’s impact on the office sector: forecasts and outcomes

This study is the first in a four-part series that provides a new perspective on COVID-19’s impact on the commercial real estate (CRE) industry and the future of the office. In part one, “Global Office Impact Report and Recovery Timing,” we examine the aggregate cyclical and structural impacts on the office sector. We also present forecast scenarios and/or possible outcomes." 

"The St. Lawrence Corridor Region, with Brockville as the economic hub, is a community in transition. Over the past several decades the region has and continues to experience a loss of jobs due to the reduction of the traditional branch plant economy. Over the past ten years it is estimated that industrial downsizing has impacted 1,000 people. Leaders have expressed a desire and the community has demanded action to create more and better quality jobs This is in the context of a population that is older than the Canadian population compounded by a perceived youth retention issue.

"In 2015 a facilitated workshop was conducted with Brockville’s community and business leaders to determine where future strategic directions are required to continue Brockville’s economic development growth. The results were captured and incorporated into the strategic update in addition to reviews of progress since the previous strategy and socio-economic data from Statistics Canada. This strategic update contains three primary components: