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Kingston's Student Housing Developments

Kingston's student residential developments

Recently Built and Under Construction Student Residential Buildings in Downtown Kingston

Author: Cushman & Wakefield Kingston    |  Date: August 25th, 2021

Demand is high for Student Residential Buildings as the city's post-secondary school enrollment maintains steady growth. The Kingston student population amounts to over 30,000, bringing various skills and diversity to the workforce and directly contributing to Kingston’s economic health. Benefiting local and large businesses while attracting outside investors, developers, and businesses looking to relocate.

Understanding the importance of students and a business's proximity to their target market, Cushman and Wakefield Kingston has collected downtowns recently built or under construction, student purpose-built residential developments. In Kingston’s Downtown core, surrounding Princess and Queen Street, our team has identified 17 buildings. Together the buildings provide 1,978 units and 3,690 beds. With 10 of the buildings supplying a total of approximately 63,749 sf of new commercial space.

These new developments will drastically shape the Williamsville district into a vibrant student-oriented neighbourhood.


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