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The New Empire Design and Build Contractors Inc. development is conveniently located at the corner of Cataraqui Woods Drive and Centennial Drive, south of St. Lawrence Business Park in Cataraqui Woods north subdivision and just north of Costco. The development consists of 3 phases with a combination of residential apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and commercial units.

Phase 1 of the development has been built and completed and includes 22 residential townhouses that are fully occupied.

Phase 2 is currently under construction and involves two blocks. Included in the construction is a mix of commercial and residential units. 8 commercial units are currently available for lease with Cushman and Wakefield Kingston representing the landlord. Phase 2 has a targeted occupancy date of March 2022.

Block one of phase 2 is situated on the development’s northwest corner, located at 1080 Terra Verde Wayand is a four-storey mixed-use building. The ground floor is partially dedicated to 2 commercial units that are currently available for lease.  The upper floors contain 39 residential apartments.

Block two of phase 2 is situated on the development's northeast corner, located at 497 Cataraqui Woods Driveand is a commercial plaza. The ground floor is comprised of 8 commercial units, with 2 units already leased, leaving 6 units currently available for lease.

Phase 3 of the development will be made up of 4 residential condominium blocks, with each block containing 125 condominiums.

Totaling the development to 561 residential dwellings and 10 commercial units. This is a great opportunity for local and large businesses to capitalize on the steady stream of the development’s residential population and Kingston’s west-end traffic.


Zoning allows for a broad range of uses, including:

  • Offices,
  • Clinics,
  • Commercial Fitness Centre,
  • Convince Retail Stores,
  • Financial Institutions,
  • Personal Service Shops,
  • Restaurants, and;
  • Retail Stores


Contact the broker:

Martin L. Skolnick, Vice President and Broker of Cushman and Wakefield Kingston.


Visit the property listings:

1080 Terra Verde Way (2 units available)

497 Cataraqui Woods Drive (6 units available)


Published: August 18th, 2021

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