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Case Study


Property Type:
Tenant: Pathways for Children & Youth
The Challenge

Pathways for Children & Youth was seeking space to amalgamate their 3 regional offices into a single central and modern facility. Being a non-profit organization, budget was a significant factor for them. Their children and youth mandate necessitated certain specific criteria, such as outdoor space for a play yard and accessibility by public transit. They were also approaching expiry of their existing leases, which set a challenging timeline for securing new premises.

The Solution

After establishing with Pathways for Children & Youth their requirement criteria relative to location, space, budget, timeline etc.  Cushman & Wakefield Kingston undertook a thorough search of the marketplace for both listed and unlisted opportunities, including design-build options. Once a short list of preferred sites was selected, Cushman & Wakefield Kingston undertook an RFP Process. The RFP was distributed to the selected landlords/developers to solicit proposals addressing the established criteria. This RFP process allowed for a direct comparison of the selected locations and assisted the client in making fully-informed decisions.

The Result

Through the RFP process and collaborative consultation with Pathways for Children & Youth and their space planners, Cushman & Wakefield Kingston was successful in assisting them to determine the best leasing option to suit their requirements, and was able to situate them in a new centralized facility which will allow them to continue delivering their invaluable services to the community for many years to come.

In addition to seeking new space for the amalgamation, Cushman & Wakefield Kingston assisted Pathways for Children & Youth with the process of closing out the leases on their current premises. Through a lease audit process Cushman & Wakefield Kingston was able to identify an accounting oversight which saved the client a significant cash outlay.